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        To Sail Legacy Yachts.
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    Semi-Interval Yacht Ownership
The clever alternative to personally share in the complete use of a luxurious yacht. Once you sail in a "Legacy" yacht, nothing else will do. Itís a rewarding and pleasurable experience. Set some time aside for you and treat yourself right. You deserve it. Sail "Legacy Yachts".
    Semi-Interval Yacht Ownership Defined
Upon joining "Legacy Yachts" you will become a member of the prestigious Legacy Captains. A few Captains are assigned to a yacht for the entire sailing season. Legacy Captains benefit from sharing the yacht knowing that all cost are direct benefits to their personal use. No time is spent maintaining (this is done for you), all you have to do is find 17 free sailing dates within your calendar. If you had your own yacht, this is the approximate amount of time you would use it annually. With semi-interval yacht ownership you do not pay for the costly maintenance and storage, or for the time it stays dormant in the water.